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              ฟัง หวย สด ล่าสุด

              Helm - A Look At The Code For The Kubernetes Package Manager

              Have you ever wondered how Helm’s source code was organized? Or wanted to know where to start when fixing a bug or creating a new feature for Helm? Trying to learn a new codebase can take some time and feel daunting.

              To help with that problem I created a short series of short videos that walk through the code organization, life of a mand, testing, layout of the package library, and more.

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              Better Golang Logging - How We Can Untangle The Mess

              When you’re writing libraries and applications in Go there is one glaring problem. Logging is all over the place. This is due to there being no standard interface for logging. So, libraries and applications both include logging libraries that are different from each other. This leads to log sprawl.

              For example, look in the Kubernetes dependencies and you’ll see references to about 10 different logging libraries. Several do the same thing and they are present just because the libraries use them.

              This shouldn’t be the case. Other languages have solved this. Logging should be boring infrastructure. Libraries use an API to log and the implementation that’s used is specified by the application that pulls everything together.

              There is a pretty simple way we can do better.

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              Storing More Than Container Images In Registries

              Did you know that you can store more than container images in many container registries? Container registries generally follow the OCI Distribution specification. While still unreleased, as of the writing of this, there have been recent changes that make the type thing (a.k.a artifact) stored and distributed through registries more general. This work was started though a project called OCI Artifacts and many current registries have some level of support for storing a variety of things.

              In this post we will look at what’s going on in this space, since there are many angles to this topic.

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              Blog Code Under Open Source License

              Have you ever found a code snippet on a blog or some other website that helped you out? One you just wanted to copy into a software project you were working on. Unfortunately, quite often the code on that website isn’t licensed for someone to take and use in their own software projects.

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              DNS Saves Headaches

              When JFrog announced they were sun setting Bintray and ChartCenter I quickly had a couple of thoughts…

              1. I was relieved we didn’t move the Helm stable and incubator archive to ChartCenter (it was an option)
              2. I wondered what Homebrew was going to do. Homebrew stores bottles in Bintray and the project has to deal with a new setup and migration

              When Helm had to move the stable and incubator charts repositories to a new location it was a lot of work and we knew we would leave users who were not using up to date Helm clients with some work to do. Not only did we have to make code changes and perform the migration but we also wrote four blog posts about it. Much of this work could have been avoided if we were using Helm controlled DNS.

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